Our Story

Mission Statement: To improve the performance and lives of those who PROTECT us through innovative design. Functionality is our most critical element as we strive to create professional uniforms and apparel that are built with a PURPOSE. Our promise is a DEDICATION to enhancing the performance of all that we serve, in the HONOR of those that SERVE us.

 Why We are Here: Our founder is a former law enforcement officer who is committed to improving the lives of all who serve. Everything our professionals carry during active duty is founded in functionality, efficiency and built for peak performance – why shouldn’t the uniform carry the same significance? As currently constituted, the uniform is intended to represent a longstanding symbol of the courage and sacrifice of all those who serve yet it seems to come at the expense of practicality. This led to an idea for a design that would match the fast-paced, high- stress environment endured by our service people. The result is the first ever 100% performance-grade fabric uniform.